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I grew tired of my previous website, due to it being a couple of years old and no longer so relevant to what I’m doing now. Until I have enough time to plan, design and build a replacement, this meagre sitelet will have to suffice. But for the moment, I’m too busy designing, laying out, image editing, typesetting, preflighting, building, content managing, translating, text proofing, ebook creating, file converting and all sorts of other things.

If anyone wants to delay the appearance of my next ‘proper’ website even more by offering me work in any of the areas mentioned on this page, serious enquiries should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I am always particularly interested in working with established independent labels (geographical location and style(s) of music immaterial).

  • Design and layout // Music packaging specialist vinyl | CD | download
  • Website design | build | content management including responsive (mobile-friendly) sites* *New!
  • Ebook creation popular formats New!
  • Typesetting English | Other European languages | Other writing systems
  • Image editing
  • Preflighting Troubleshooting and correcting print files
  • Translation German–British English | Dutch–British English* *New!
  • Proofreading British English spelling | grammar | consistency | accuracy

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Self-styled ‘search engine optimisation experts’ need not and should not contact me, by any means known to man or yet to be invented.

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